Ongoing Project on Testrig PF1

Chicoasén II

Chicoasén II hydro plant is located in the State of Chiapas, Mexico on the Grijalva River near the existing 2,430MW Chicoasen (Manuel Moreno Torres) hydroelectric plant that was built in 1980. It will be the fifth hydropower plant sourcing its flow from the Grijalva River aimed at meeting the growing energy requirements of South Western Mexico. The Chicoasén II units will be the highest capacity bulb turbine-generators installed anywhere in the world to date.
The Grijalva River hydroelectric complex also includes La Angostura (900 MW), Chicoasén (2400 MW), Malpaso (1060 MW) and Peñitas (405 MW).

Location: Grijalva River in Chiapas State
Operation: in construction phase
Runner Type: 3 x blade bulb
Maximum Capacity: 240 MW
Turbine Manufacturer: GE Renewable Energy
Head: 17.85m
Prot. runner diameter: 7.500 m
Model runner diameter: 0.400 m
Prot. rotation speed: 100 rpm
Model rotation speed: 1000 rpm
Model scale factor: 18.778
Owner: Comision Federal de Electricidad CFE

Location Chicoasén II Hydropower Station


Complex Hydroelectric on the River Grijalva
Reduced scale model installed on the test rig PF1.