Foz Tua

Foz Tua pumped storage power plant includes two reversible pump turbines, motor generators, governors and control systems, the hydraulic steel works and a comprehensive package of auxiliary equipment. The pumped storage plant will be built on the river Tua, a tributary of the river Douro in the north of Portugal. It will provide a significant contribution to the increasingly important storage of electrical power. 

Location: GPS: 41°13’7”N, 7°25’22”W River Tua, North of Portugal
Type: Pump-Turbine
Total MW: 252.6 MW (2 x 126.3 MW)
Manufacturer: Andritz Hydro
Rated Head: 93.6 m
Prot. runner diameter: 3.3995 m
Model runner diameter: 0.26425 m
Prot. rotation speed: 187.5 rpm
Model scale factor: 12.85

Fig. 1: Location of Foz Tua Dam


 Fig. 3: Reduced scale model installed on the test rig PF2
Fig. 2: Representation of the downstream site


Fig. 1:
Fig. 2:,-Andritz-Hydro-betreut-Grossprojekt-in-Portugal-_arid,5176291.html (Janvier 2014)
Fig. 2: ( Janvier 2014)
Fig. 3: LMH-EPFL