Ongoing Project on Testrig PF3


Seomjin Gang hydro power plant is located on Jeongeup-city, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea. It generates to supply Honam area electricity demand through 154kV power line. [1] Nippon Koei is in charge of the development of new runners and new spiral case.
Four different configurations are tested on the test Rig PF3:
Case 1- New Runner A & existing spiral case
Case 2- New Runner B & existing spiral case
Case 3- New Runner C & new spiral case
Case 4- New Configuration 


Fig. 1: Reduced scale model installed on the test rig PF3

Fig. 2: Location of the Seomjin Gang Hydroelectric Power Plant





Location: Jeongeup city, Jeolla Province
Type: Francis Turbine
Total power: 34’800 kW (14’400 X 2 unit, 6’000 X 1 unit)
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Heavy Industry
Head: 135.50 to 164.2 m
Prot. runner diameter: 1.20 m
Model runner diameter: 0.35 m
Prot. rotation speed: 514 rpm
Model scale factor: 3.43

Fig. 3: Seomjin Gang Hydroelectric Power Plant
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Fig. 1: EPFL-LMH
Fig. 2: ([Looked up : 16 January 2014])
Fig. 3: Daeyang Hydro Co., Ltd