Hydraulic Machine Experimental Test Rigs

The Laboratory for Hydraulic Machines, over the course of the last 40 years, has installed and continuously upgraded three purpose built experimental test rigs for research and development:

  • State of the art research facility, utilizing the latest measuring instruments and technical advancements to produce data that easily and consistently complies with all IEC 60193 standards
  • 3 fully modular test rigs can be adjusted to fit just about every type of hydraulic turbine, storage pump and pump-turbine
  • Automated test rig processes and years of testing experience allow for quick performance assessment, potentially shortening development times without diminishing quality
  • Each test rig is fully independent from the other, allowing for uninterrupted parallel testing.



Performance Characteristics of Each Platform

EPFL Test Rig PF 1 PF 2 PF 3

Maximum Head [mWC] 100 120 100
Maximum Discharge [m3/s] 1.4 1.4 1.4
Generating Power [kW] 300 300 300
Pumping Power [kW] 900 1000 2 x 400
Maximum Speed [rpm] 1500 2500 2500
Efficiency Accuracy ≤ 2 ‰ ≤ 2 ‰ ≤ 2 ‰