FLINDT EUREKA N° 1625, Flow Investigations in an Elbow Draft Tube

Modeling and CFD Validation, Experimental Data Base, Flow Analysis

Fig. 1. Predicting Pressure Recovery Coefficient


Fig. 2. Laser Doppler Flow Velocity Survey


Fig. 3. 3 Components of the Velocity and Specific Kinetic Energy field in the FLINDT discharge cone.


Fig. 4. Evidence of Werlé Legendre Instability at the Inner Side of the Draft Tube, Mauri, Thesis No 2257, Arpe, Thesis No 2279, Mauri et al., 2004, J. Fluids Eng., 126, 976–980, Resiga et al., 2006, J. Fluids Eng., 128, 177–189.