Computational Fluid Dynamics

In this animation, a droplet is falling down into a tank of water because of the gravity. An upward jet is forming after the impingement of the droplet on the water surface. Afterwards, the jet is decelerating and finally returns back to the tank and form the water ripples. The SPHEROS code was used to simulate this case with the 266’048 fluid and boundary particles. The code was running on 8 cores of IBM Blade Center for 12.5 hours. The surface tension effects are neglected and POV-Ray software is used for rendering.


Geometry and flow condition

Droplet radius 0.2 m
Tank width 1.0 m
Water depth 0.25 m
Gravity 9.81 m.s-2
Density 1000.0 kg.m-3
Viscosity 1.0 Pa.s
Simulated time 4.7 s