Doctoral Thesis


  • Nicolas Ruchonnet
  • Multiscale Computational Methodology Applied to Hydroacoustic Resonance in Cavitating Pipe Flow.

    EPFL Thesis, 4778 (2010). Dir.: François Avellan.

  • Stefan Berten
  • Hydrodynamics of High Specific Power Pumps for Off-Design Operating Conditions.

    EPFL Thesis, 4642 (2010). Dir.: François Avellan, Mohamed Farhat.


  • Philippe Ausoni
  • Turbulent vortex shedding from a blunt trailing edge hydrofoil.

    EPFL Thesis, 4475 (2009). Dir.: François Avellan, Mohamed Farhat.

  • Olivier Braun
  • Part load flow in radial centrifugal pumps.

    EPFL Thesis, 4422 (2009). Dir.: François Avellan.

  • Alireza Zobeiri
  • Investigations of time dependent flow phenomena in a turbine and a pump-turbine of Francis type : rotor-stator interactions and precessing vortex rope.

    EPFL Thesis, 4272 (2009). Dir.: François Avellan.