Model Testing of Hydraulic Machines

  • Experimental Platform Configurations
  • Measurement Tools and Accuracy
  • Experimental Analysis
    • Pressure Fluctuation Measurements
    • Cavitation Observations and Analysis
  • Onboard Instrumentation

Field Services for Hydraulic Machines

  • Efficiency tests by thermodynamic and current meters method
  • On-site Measurement of Prototype Hydraulic Machines
  • Geometric Controls and Reconstruction to Model
  • Model runner design, construction and assembly

List of previous and ongoing projects

  • Ongoing Project on Testrig PF1
  • Ongoing Project on Testrig PF2
  • Ongoing Project on Testrig PF3
  • List of references

Additional Hydrodynamics Testing

  • FLINDT EUREKA N° 1625, Flow Investigations in an Elbow Draft Tube
  • HYDRODYNA EUREKA N° 3246, Harnessing the Dynamic Behavior of Pump-Turbines