Additional Hydrodynamics Testing

The LMH laboratory can model and investigate the various causes and effects of turbulent flow in turbine/pump machines, including :

  • Experimental identification of 3D flow structure
  • Analysis of blade motion as a source of turbulent flow
  • Rotor-stator interactions: clearance, wake, blade loading, and blockage
  • Measurement of steady and unsteady pressure fields along the draft tube wall
  • Analysis of draft tube recovery phenomena
  • Energy dissipation
  • Draft tube vortex dynamics at partial load operating conditions
  • Hydro-acoustics

Eureka Projects

FLINDT Eureka N° 1625 : Flow Investigations in an Elbow Draft Tube

HYDRODYNA Eureka N° 3246 : Harnessing the Dynamic Behavior of Pump-Turbines