Upper Gotvand Extension

Upper Gotvand Extension

The Upper Gotvand Dam, located on the Karun River in western Iran, is owned by the Iran Water & Power Resources Development Co. When construction is finally complete, the dam will have 8 Francis runners. The first four runners producing 250MW each were commissioned in 2012. Four new francis runners, producing up to 290MW each will be built by TUBA Hydro Turbine Manufacturing Engineering Co.

Upper Gotvand Site

From November 2012 until spring of 2013, a model scale version of the new prototype runners will be tested at LMH on Test Rig 2.


Prototype characteristics

Head = 141 m
Rotation speed = 187.5 rpm
Runner diameter = 4 m
Power = 290 MW
Scale model ratio = 12

Upper Gotvand Model