Baixo Sabor Montante and Jusante

Two new hydropower dams, Baixo Sabor Montante (upstream) and Jusante (downstream) will be constructed 9.6 km apart along the Sabor River near Torre de Moncorvo, Portugal. These dams, each equipped with 2 Francis turbines designed by Andritz Hydro for Energias de Portugal (EDP), will be installed and operational by the end of 2013. The total installation is estimated to produce 444GWh per year.


Drawings of Montante and Jusante dams, currently in construction

Scale models of the Francis turbines from each installation where tested at LMH from October 2010 until March 2011.


Prototype characteristics :

Head = 99 m
Rotation speed = 214.3rpm
Runner diameter = 4.110 m
Power = 2×77 MW
Scale model ratio = 10.6



Prototype characteristics :

Head = 35 m
Rotation speed = 150rpm
Runner diameter = 3.948 m
Power = 2×18 MW
Scale model ratio = 9.4