Measurement Tools and Accuracy

Each test rig is equipped with state of the art measuring tools to ensure the highest precision in measurements.

Measurement Tools

(a) Compact, bearing-free torque flanges that remove friction and thermal effects on torque measurement for exceptional repeatability and stability
(b) Magnetic flowmeters for precise flow measurements in both directions
(c) A series of pressure range specific differential pressure sensors for high precision head and sigma measurements under all possible model conditions.

Experimental platform measurement accuracy

For every measured parameter we have a purpose built and certified system of calibration to ensure our test platforms maintain an efficiency accuracy of  ≤ 2 ‰.

We perform a systematic calibration check before and after every test to ensure all equipment is functioning within its specified error range. We are also committed to renovation and innovation; we are regularly updating our equipment to further reduce errors in our measurements.

Measurement Accuracy