Test Rigs

Each test platform functions on a fully adjustable support frame, equipped with a system of hydraulic jacks, moveable support members, and a variety of segmented pipes, elbows, bellows, and valves. As a result, we can adjust the intake pipes and/or intake tank and outflow tank, turbine fixing point, drive-shaft configuration and generator mounting points to meet any height and distance requirements inherent in the unique designs of each hydraulic machine.

Platform configurations
(a) Kaplan turbine on PF1 test rig, (b) Francis turbine on PF2 test rig, (c) Pump-Turbine on PF3 test rig
(d) Bulb turbine on PF1 test rig, (e) Kaplan turbine on PF2 test rig

An independent control room is set up for each test rig, from where the majority of test operations can be performed thanks to automated valves, the latest in electronic acquisition systems, and a dedicated program that controls all test rig equipment.

Control room

Control software Each control room system provides :

  • Real-time data display
  • Fine tuning adjustments allow us to set parameters with an accuracy of ~0.05 % (e.g., head and flow parameters)
  • Easy to configure constants and formulas to meet the individual requirements of each project