Influence of a hydrofoil trailing edge shape on flow induced vibration

Supervisor :  Dr. Mohamed Farhat
Assistant :  Amirreza Zobeiri
Theme :  Fluid structure coupling

It is well known that the trailing edge shape of a hydrofoil plays a major role on the Karman vortex generation and the resulting vibration induced on the structure. Particularly, the so called “Donaldson truncation” offers a significant reduction of the vibration shape and also prevents the occurrence of the lock-in. Nevertheless, the physical reason behind such performances is still lacking. In the present project, we propose to investigate the flow field as well as the induced vibration in the case of a Naca0009 hydrofoil with blunt and Donaldson trailing edges. The tests will be carried out in the LMH High Speed cavitation Tunnel. Several measurement techniques may be deployed to better understand the flow instabilities and the complex interaction between the fluid and the structure. The ultimate goal will be to improve the optimization of the trailing edge shape with respect to the vibration without altering the hydrodynamic performances.

Karman Vortices

Illustration of Karman Vortices in the wake of a Naca 0009 hydrofoil,
placed in the test section of LMH tunnel.