Flow FPM simulations of a hydrodynamic bioreactor

Supervisor :  Prof. F. Avellan
Assistant :  Christian Vessaz, Martino Reclari
Theme :  Finite particle simulation

The Lagrangian approach Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) enables to simulate complex free surface flows. The simulation of the flow in the hydrodynamic bioreactor will be investigated with SPHEROS, an in-house C++ SPH/FPM solver. The aim of this project is to validate the FPM solver to simulate the evolution of the free surface in the bioreactor.

The student will launch FPM simulations for a given operating condition and compare the results with experimental data in order to validate the computations. LDV measurements of the velocity profile in the bioreactor as well as movies of the free surface evolution will be given for the comparison. The initial particles are generated with Matlab and the visualization is performed with Paraview.