Deformable Foil Hydrodynamics

Supervisor :  Dr. Cécile Münch
Assistant :  Steven Roth
Theme :  Fluid structure coupling

Analyze the 3D hydrodynamic load on a NACA hydrofoil using a alternative and less expensive method than strong fluid-structure simulation.
Using ANSYS classic, the student will proceed to the modal analysis of the hydrofoil placed in water and embedded at both extremities. The student will launch 3D CFD simulations of the flow around the moving hydrofoil. The motion will correspond to the extracted eigen-form of one or two modes. with a varying exciting frequency.
The student will provide an analysis of the hydrodynamic load to characterize the added mass, fluid stiffness and fluid damping effects. The results will be verified proceeding to the free motion of the structural motion excited to a particular eigen mode.