Design of experimental setup for bioreactor hydrodynamic

Supervisor :  Dr. Mohamed Farhat
Assistant :  Martino Reclari
Theme :  Free surface flow

 The increasing use of orbitally shaken bioreactors for cells cultivation purposes poses challenging issues related to the hydrodynamic phenomena occurring in the container. We use small scale vessels fixed to a commercial shaking table to investigate the sloshing and mixing issues. One of the main parameters governing the flow is the eccentricity, or shaking diameter. The actual set up, which allows only a limited number of eccentricity values, must be upgraded. The objective of the present project is to design and manufacture a shaking table, which enables adjusting the eccentricity in a wider range with millimetric positioning precision. The student may design a new shaking table or modify the existing one. Depending on the project progress, the student may perform preliminary investigations of the flow field.

Orbital motion of the bioreactor

Left: Orbital motion of the bioreactor.
D is the container inner diameter, H0 is the resting liquid level, ds is the eccentricity and ω is the shaking frequency.
Right: View of the orbital sloshing phenomenon.