Flow FPM simulations of a Pelton injector

Supervisor :  Prof. F. Avellan
Assistant :  Dr. Audrey Maertens
Theme :  Finite particle simulation


The Finite Volume Particle Method (FVPM) is a meshless arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) method introduced by Hietel et al. in 2000 for compressible flows. The FVPM includes many of the attractive features of both particle methods, such as Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH), and conventional mesh-based Finite Volume Methods (FVM). In FVPM, like in SPH, computational nodes usually move with the material velocity, which is compatible with the Lagrangian form of the equation of motion. This enables the method to handle moving interface problems like free-surface flows, without issues of mesh deformation or tangling. FVPM also does not require mesh generation which is a costly stage in simulation of flows with complex geometries. Similarly to FVM, FVPM is locally conservative and consistent regardless of any variation in volume sizes.

The student will launch FVPM simulations for a given operating condition and compare the results with CFD and experimental data in order to validate the computations. The comparisons of the velocity profile in the jet as well as the jet diameter have to be investigated. The boundary particles are generated with Matlab and the visualization is performed with Paraview.

Development of a portable test bench for hydraulic turbines

Stand Mini Pelton

The student will design a test bench for hydraulic turbines that can be used for teaching and demonstrations. The project will include modelling, CAD, 3D printing, python coding for control and user interface.